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GREAT BBQ FIREWOOD FOR SALE (Seasoned & Splitted) free delivery.Great quality BBQ firewood for sale (well-seasoned --more than 12mn, ready to burn) for use in Chimineas, Outdoor Fireplaces, Large Off-Set Smokers or Fire Pits.Oak is one of the most popular wood's, very long lasting, heavy smoke flavor. Great with red meat, fish. Cherry is slightly sweet, fruity smoke flavor. Great for all types of meat.Mulberry smell is sweet and reminds one of the apple. Serve chutney made from the same fruit to accentuate the flavor even more. Beef, poultry, birds. Ash wood is fast burner, light but distinctive flavor. Good with fish and red meats.Pine is similar to maple - mildly smoky, somewhat sweet flavor. Maple chips add a sweet, subtle flavor that enhances the flavor of poultry and game birds.Let us help you stay warm and cozy this winter. Enjoy the elegant aroma of our scented firewood. We also carry mixed hardwood log (oak, maple, mulberry, ash & etc. average of 12" to 16" long), which can be delivered at larger quantities at discount price: