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Apple , White Birch, Black Cherry plants

  • City: Durbe
  • State: Latvia
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We offer offer amazing blowout wholesale prices. These will be shipped to your door in early spring. Preorder now and save big!! We are a Tree Farm and Garden Center based in South Hero, VT. Forsythia Lynwood Gold 18-24" As Low As $5.50 Forsythia Lynwood Gold 3-4' As Low As $6.95 White Birch (Paper) 3-4' As Low As $8.00 White Birch (Paper) 5-6' As Low As $16.00 Eastern Redbud 5-6' As Low As $29.95 Weeping Peach 5-6' As Low As $35.95 Black Walnut (whip) 4-5' As Low As $15.00 Apple (whip) 2' As Low As $9.00 Sugar Maple (whip) 2' As Low As $8.00 Green Giant Arborvitae 10-16" As Low As $8.00 White Cedar Arborvitae 24-30" As Low As $12.00 Blue Spruce 2-3' As Low As $14.00 Ginko 2' As Low As $14.00 Dogwood Red Osier (whip) 3-4' As Low As $12.00 Red Maple (Whip) 3-4' As Low As $12.00 Mtn. Ash (whip) 4-5' As Low As $12.00 Black Cherry 2-3' As Low As $14.00 The Products Purchased on the Delivered(shipped) Section of our website are shipped directly to your door ready to plant in using a special packing method. *Trees and plants purchased during late fall and winter will be shipped in early spring Extras: Fertilizer - A special formulation specific for the tree purchased as used in growing fields. Staking Kit - Kit allowing you to stake tree to help it stand and grow straight. Soaker Hose - 25 ft 5/8inch hose with small holes allowing you to slow water new trees. (can be added on any delivered(shipped) tree during the selection)