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The famous Ghica-Coomanesti Palace for sale in Romania

  • Price : $1600000
  • City: Chascomus
  • State: Argentina
  • Ad Viewed: 29 Times

   Phone 0040736789614


Property details: Built area: 2550/sqm Usable area: 1700/sqm Footprint: 850 sqm Floors: 2+attic Rooms: 22 rooms 7 bathrooms Land area/park: 74 200 sqm. Location: City of Comanesti, province of Bacau, ROMANIA. In the year 2005 the palace Ghica-Comanesti was oficialy estimated 1.621.488 euros and the park at 852.872 euro. The buyer of the palace will receive the park as a bonus. The palace belonged to Dimitrie Ghica-Comanesti (1839-1923) member of a romanian historical family who gave ten reigning princes in both Moldavia and Valachia principalities which united and formed modern Romania. Dimitrie Ghica-Comanesti graduated with a Ph.D. from the Law School of the University of Berlin. He became prefect of the district of Bacau. He served as a magistrate and member of the Lower House of the Romanian Parliament and then as royal counselor. Besides law and politics, Dimitrie had a real sense of adventure and in was passionate about natural sciences. In 1875 Dimitrie Ghica-Comanesti financed and organized together with his son an important scientific expedition in Somalia (Africa). He became an important member in the Romanian Geographical Society founded in 1875. He married and had two children: Maria (1870-1950) and Nicolas (1875-1921). Maria became the first woman to escalate the Maladeta mountain the Spanish Pyrenees. She married general prince Leon Mavrocordat , a military ataché in Vienna and the couple had daughter Zoe, who married prince Mihail Sturdza a career diplomat. The marriage ceremony took place in the Ghica-Comanesti Palace. History of the Ghica palace. Dimitrie Ghica-Comanesti had chosen the well known french architect Albert Galeron as the designer for the palace which was finished in 1900. Albert Galeron, the first french architect who worked in Romania had designed also other important buildings in Romania: the Athene, the National Bank, and the train station of Comanesti. The choice of the french architect can be explained by the attempt to escape the orientalist style which was felt as oppressive and join the french culture. Galeron used the eclectic style for the Ghica palace,a style which combines different architectural elements in order to create something new and original from the contrasts such as old-new, classic-modern, darkness-light. Opinions about the Ghica Palace. The Romanian writer Alexandru Vlahuta described the palace in his 1901 book “Picturesque Romania”: “The mighty castle looks to the park with mysterious alleys and boats sliding in silence on the lakes,under bridges and next to thickets of orange trees.” The great historian Nicolae Iorga, while travelling on the Trotus valley in 1918, described the palace: “The castle, in the middle of a beautiful garden, is situated in front of the railway station, crowned with towers one can more admire more than use. The boyar’s court is a beautiful castle built by the architect of the Athene”. More recently, visitors have described the park on the internet as “superb” and having “a romantic atmosphere”. On july 28, 2017 the TV station ANTENA 1 presented the Ghica-Comanesti palace as “one of the must important architectural jewels of Moldavia”. Among personalities who visited the Ghica Palace, we can mention Russian Premier Nikita Khrushchev on his way to visit in 1957 the towns of Brusturoasa and Ghimes where Russian troops faught the germans during tle WWII. The premier Nicolae Ceausescu, president Ion Iliescu, the prime ministers Adrian Nastase, Nicolae Vacaroiu, Petre Roman and Teodor Stolojan visited also the palace. The Ghica Palace, an important touristic attraction. The Ghica Palace is one of the main tourist attraction in Romania. One can fly from the following cities to the “George Enescu” international airport in Bacau: Milan, London, Liverpool, Naples, Dublin, Krakow, Nuremberg, Brussels, Augsburg, Montreal. The Comanesti Palace is situated at 55km from the Bacau International airport.