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variety of birds and exotic animals for sale

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We are licensed breeders of a wide variety of parrots and exotic birds. We have parrots of all ages and we sell mostly babies and younger birds. We have macaw parrots, cockatoos, ostriches, Emu, cockatiels, caiques, African grey parrots, Amazon parrots etc. Our parrots are hand raised,tamed, affectionate, intelligent and well socialized. We also sell fertile eggs of the above mentioned birds as well as incubators of all sizes and shapes. All our parrot eggs have a 100% hatching guarantee and we do a replacement or money refund incase an egg do not hatch. We ship parrots and fertile eggs worldwide alongside all documents and certificates. some of the birds we have for sale can be seen in the list below. african grey parrots, cockatoo parrots,blue and gold macaw ,citron cockatoo,jumbo brown coturnix quail and fertile fresh eggs,parakeets,macaw,ongo african grey eggs, timneh grey eggs, umbrella cockatoo birds and eggs, palm cockatoo birds and eggs, goffin cockatoo birds and eggs, gallah cockatoo birds and eggs, blue and gold macaw birds and eggs, scarlet macaw birds and eggs, greenwing macaw birds andeggs, hyacinth macaw birds and eggs, sollomons island eclectus birds and eggs, dyh amazon birds and eggs, Spectacled Amazon birds and eggs Yellow Naped Amazon birds and eggs Red Lored Amazon birds and eggs Orange Winged Amazon birds and eggs Mexican Red Headed Amazon birds and eggs Lilac Crowned Amazon birds and eggs Double Yellow Headed Amazon birds and eggs Cuban Amazon birds and eggs Blue Fronted Amazon birds and eggs toco toucan birds and eggs cockatiel birds and eggs senegal birds and eggs conures birds and eggs blue and gold macaws birds and eggs catalina macaws birds and eggs scarlet macaws birds and eggs hyacinths macaws birds and eggs capri macaws birds and eggs harlequin macaws birds and eggs camelot macaws birds and eggs Green-Winged Macaws birds and eggs Harlequin Macaws birds and eggs buffon macaws birds and eggs hahn macaws birds and eggs flame macaws birds and eggs calico macaws birds and eggs military macaws birds and eggs green wing macaws birds and eggs harligold macaws birds and eggs northern bobwhite quail and fertile fresh eggs leghorn chickens and fertile fresh eggs red star chicken and fertile fresh eggs.. Wild Cats (Tame Cubs): Brown Lion White Lion Serval Cats Bengal Tiger White Bengal Tiger Tabby Tiger Snow White Tiger Caracal Jaguar Black Jaguar Black Leopard Leopard Cheetah Puma Genet Cat Ligah Monkeys: White Ear Marmoset Black Ear Marmoset Red Hand Tamarin Black Tail Marmoset Capuchin Squirrel Monkey Adult Golden Hand Tamarin Ring Tail Lemur Adult StokstertMeerkat White Ear Marmoset Black Ear Marmoset Red Hand Tamarin Black Tail Marmoset Squirrel Monkey Golden Hand Tamarin Ring Tail Lemur Baby StokstertMeerkat Email: Calls or Texts +1804 876-4691 whatsapp +1719 357-9832